ReferralNet Messaging

Over 6,900 users and 1,400 organisations chose ReferralNet Messaging to send tens of thousands of messages annually.

refnet messagingReferralNet Messaging is a Secure Message Delivery (SMD) for the exchange of confidential clinic and patient information.

This includes:

  • Referrals
  • Reports
  • Pathology and radiology requests & results, and
  • Discharge summaries.

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MasterCare Connect

Manage patient, referral and discharge information from anywhere

MasterCare Connect is a browser-based application for allied health providers and medical specialists. It caters for both small and large organisations and allows health professionals to collect, access and securely share patient information from anywhere at any time.

Built-in secure referral messaging with ReferralNet

ReferralNet Messaging is incorporated into MasterCare Connect. It enables you to efficiently track, process and manage inbound and outbound patient referrals including pathology and radiology results.

Electronic discharge summaries made easy

MasterCare Connect automates and streamlines the referral management process by collecting patient data from various systems within your organisation and merges them into an electronic discharge summary. It eliminates the manual tasks associated with processing illegible faxed referrals and helps you generate more complete, legible and timely discharge summaries that help your patients receive safer and better quality follow-up care.



eswitche-switch is an Integration Engine or “middleware” that automates the exchange of data between different software  applications within an enterprise.