Supporting Community Health with software solutions

Global Health provides integrated, complete software solutions for all areas of community health and human services such as drug and alcohol, disability, dental, post-acute care, home and community care, mental health services and community rehabilitation.

MasterCare EMR is ideal for medical practitioners who prescribe.

MasterCare EMR (Electronic Medical Record) is a comprehensive clinical solution that covers administrative tasks and client management.

MasterCare is a multi-disciplinary, team-based application that supports a variety of healthcare organisations from individual medical specialists and allied health providers to large hospitals and groups.

MasterCare EMR is an incredibly flexible and configurable solution designed so it can be setup specifically for your organisation. It includes a built-in PMS (Practice Management System) for clinic appointments, billing, online claiming, staff rostering, client management, secure messaging (with ReferralNet Messaging) and SMS or email appointment reminders.

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MasterCare Data Warehouse facilitates dynamic reporting, analysis and decision support for managers and clinicians.

The MasterCare EMR data warehouse helps you understand and visualise your data like never before. It allows you to monitor and analyse your areas of need, referrals, clinical outcomes and services using multi-dimensional information.


Analyse inbound referrals by referral source, suburb, or client demographics including age, indigenous status, sex or migration status.
Customise your own age groups to suit your services.

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MasterCare+ is a customisable solution that supports Community Health organisations in digitising their services.

MasterCare+ used in conjunction with MasterCare EMR, MasterCare+ gives service providers flexibility and accessibility in managing their services and processes from anywhere. With MasterCare+ care teams can have access to built-in secure message delivery, clinical document management, client records and client engagement features.

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A simple and secure way to record patient health summary, plan your health goals and track progress.

Lifecard stores your health information in one secure location. Think of it as a secure digital folder where you can file allergies, medications, family medical history, test results, consultation summaries, emergency contacts, medical appointments, prescriptions and reminders about your medication.

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sv5HotHealth is a patient engagement tool designed specifically for the healthcare industry.

The digital engagement tool ensures an online presence for practices and healthcare providers across Australia. The site is optimised for both mobile and desktop use and offers a HotHealth app available on the Apple App and Google Play Stores. HotHealth also has video conferencing and appointment booking capabilities to improve patient engagement.

It is easy to set-up and customise your site and app pages and can be set up in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is enter your practice details, logo, contact information and choose your main colours, then your site is ready to go.

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Patient Portal directs the information you require from your patients straight into your Electronic Medical Record system (EMR) or Patient Administration System (PAS).

The Patient Portal directs the information you require from your patients straight into yourElectronic Medical Record system (EMR) or Patient Administration System (PAS). With MasterCare EMR, patient portal allows your patients to register their demographic information online.

Patients can login anywhere anytime and fill in information including: personal information, medical history, pre-admission forms or mental health assessments.

This portal can be customised to fit your needs. If you are interested in the features, please contact us on + 61 3 9675 0600

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e-switch is an Integration Engine or “middleware” that automates the exchange of data between different software  applications within a community or area health organisation.

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