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Global Health provides hospitals and health services with software to connect clinicians and consumers, streamlining the patient journey.

MasterCare PAS is a Patient Administration System (PAS) providing operations staff with a comprehensive solution to manage beds, theatres and medical records as well as billing and receipting. The system seamlessly manages patient information flow from pre-admission through to discharge.


MasterCare PAS is used in a variety of hospital settings, from private and public hospitals as well as rehabilitation centres, surgeries and outpatient clinics.

The system is designed for administrative operations in hospital settings. It is easy to use with customisable system menus and configurable modules.

MasterCare PAS enables the seamless flow of information along the patient journey from the time the patient presents at reception to the time the patient is discharged.

The system interfaces with Medicare and health funds for insurance eligibility checks and claiming; it has the ability to integrate with financial systems and other third party systems (available upon request).


Fee estimation
Statutory reporting
Clinical and administrative alerts
Online Eligibility Check
Integration with third party software
Appointment scheduling
Online Patient Verification
Full audit trial
Admissions and discharges
Online claiming (IHC, IMC and Bulk Billing)
Medical Records
coding and chart tracking
Bed management
Patient billing and receipting
Wait list
Theatre management
Operational and management reporting
Emergency department management
Theatre touch screen module
Automated SMS reminders
Web-based pre-admission pathways
Scalability to any hospital size

MasterCare+ is a customisable solution which allows hospitals to add feature modules as needed, depending on the type of service required.

Packages can be customised to include additional features such as Medicare Claims, Invoicing and Outcome Measures.

MasterCare+ Referral Management Package

MasterCare+ digitises the referral workflow for hospitals and Area Health Services. Triage all inbound referrals to effectively manage referrals across multiple clinics and outpatient clinics.

MasterCare+ Scanned Medical Record Package

Digitise your hospital’s document storage and management. Reduce the reliance on paper-based records and transfer your patient files to a digital location, making it easier to access patient records whenever you need to.

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Lifecard Patient Portal captures patient information to digitally pre-admit patients. This streamlines the pre-admission process by saving time for both patients and hospitals when the patient presents.

Lifecard Patient Portal is integrated with MasterCare PAS to digitise the pre-administration process. Pre-Admission forms are customisable depending on your organisation’s needs.

Streamlining the capture of patient information significantly reduces the time taken for pre-administrations to occur and removes the need for patients to fill out forms at reception.

Patients can login to the mobile responsive portal anywhere at any time, through an internet connection.


A simple and secure way to record patient health summary, plan your health goals and track progress.


Lifecard stores your health information in one secure location. Think of it as a secure digital folder where you can file allergies, medications, family medical history, test results, consultation summaries, emergency contacts, medical appointments, prescriptions and reminders about your medication.

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MasterCare Data Warehouse facilitates dynamic reporting, analysis and decision support for managers and clinicians.


The MasterCare data warehouse helps you understand and visualise your data like never before. It allows you to monitor and analyse your areas of need, patient history, clinical outcomes and services using multi-dimensional information.

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sv5HotHealth is a patient engagement tool designed specifically for the healthcare industry.


The digital engagement tool ensures an online presence for practices and healthcare providers across Australia. The site is optimised for both mobile and desktop use and offers a HotHealth app available on the Apple App and Google Play Stores. HotHealth also has video conferencing and appointment booking capabilities to improve patient engagement.

It is easy to set-up and customise your site and app pages and can be set up in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is enter your practice details, logo, contact information and choose your main colours, then your site is ready to go.

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e-switch is an Integration Engine or “middleware” that automates the exchange of data between different software applications within a hospital.

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