Interview with Health Professionals Radio

Interview with Health Professionals Radio

Connectivity and consumer engagement in healthcare


Global Health’s CEO, Mathew Cherian, spoke to Health Professionals Radio on the current developments in healthcare technology. The key theme of the interview was how connectivity and consumer engagement products enable clinicians to connect and interact with their consumers.

ReferralNet Secure Messaging provides connectivity between patients and healthcare professionals across the healthcare industry. Mathew highlighted the importance of having all information available at the right time, and how secure messaging helps to enable this.

Mathew and Tabatha spoke about Global Health’s consumer products and how Lifecard and HotHealth encourages consumer engagement in maintaining their health and wellbeing.

HotHealth provides a platform for healthcare clinicians to engage with their patients on a variety of different levels.

Mathew also spoke about how clinical solutions will remain a core part of the digital healthcare journey and how our web-based platform, MasterCare + will support clinical and administration needs into the future.

Mathew gave a brief background on his history in IT, how he ended up in healthcare technology and why he is dedicated to improving the overall patient journey in healthcare.

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