Global Health leverages digital health standards

Global Health leverages digital health standards

The rise in digital health and the increased use of digital health software means that the standards for interoperability are ever-changing. Fast Health Interoperability Resources (FHIR) is one of the latest healthcare standards being developed and Global Health has commenced work to support FHIR in its digital health products.

FHIR uses modern programming techniques to facilitate the exchange of health information. Global Health is leveraging FHIR’s new standard to improve the integration between its products and to add further value to their customers.

Global Health has several solutions to suit the varied and distinct needs of the healthcare industry. The new FHIR standard will assist in synchronising two of Global Health’s products that have historically been used as separate solutions.

Global Health’s CEO, Mathew Cherian believes that digital data needs to flow seamlessly across healthcare in order to improve patient safety and outcomes. The synchronisation of MasterCare Electronic Medical Record (EMR) with PrimaryClinic will allow customers to achieve higher quality outcomes for their patients.

The combined product offering is being provided as a solution for an existing enterprise client that has a team of varied healthcare professionals. The organisation requires the team-based user management features from MasterCare EMR, along with specific clinical software functionality of PrimaryClinic for improved patient care.

The combination of these two products is one of the many developments underway at Global Health.

Global Health is also using FHIR in its new Referral Management Platform which is in the final rollout stage. The new Referral Management Platform offers its users increases in efficiency, quality and timeliness in managing the referral process. Further enhancements to the new platform will be released over the coming months.