5 products to help you improve your hospital’s digital journey

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5 products to help you improve your hospital’s digital journey

We have compiled some of Global Health’s products aimed at helping hospitals improve workflows surrounding the patient journey.


Global Health offers a suite of products built to engage patients. Our solutions aim to remove the need for unnecessary, manual administrative tasks. These products aim to increase efficiency in your hospital’s workflows.

The products listed below create a comprehensive digital journey for a hospital, spanning from pre-admission forms to discharge summaries. We set out which products may benefit you and ways they can improve your digital workflows.

Increase efficiency and benefit your hospitals workflows with one or a combination of our products below.

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MasterCare PAS

MasterCare PAS is our Patient Administration System. It allows you to manage your administrative and clinical hospital targets. This product is your essential product for when patients are accessing your services.


MasterCare+ enables hospitals to capture information for up-to-date patient records from admission through to discharge. MasterCare+ is a platform that includes features for referral management and discharge summaries. Depending on your hospital’s current needs, the platform can have specific modules enabled – such as just the Discharge Summary related features. MasterCare+ for Discharge Summaries will be integrated with My Health Record and PAS by May 2021.

Patient Portal

Patient Portal enables you to capture essential details before a patient’s admission. We take your current PDF pre-admission form and make a digital version for patients to complete online. When used alongside our MasterCare PAS, the completed form is submitted directly to your Patient Portal inbox inside PAS, ready to create a pre-admission.


HotHealth provides a range of features such as video consultations and digital forms to improve patient care within a hospital and the surrounding services. Features within HotHealth are customisable to suit your specific needs and brand.


Lifecard is an app for patients to keep track of their own health. In a hospital setting, Lifecard allows the easy sharing of information surrounding measurements from a patient to a medical provider. Patients can input health measures, save images and documents, and share the record with others. Patients and their care team can more accurately track progress pre or post-discharge – while they are not directly using your services in the ward. Medical providers can check in with a patient’s progress and measures post-admission through their Lifecard personal health record.

If you are interested in learning more about how our products can benefit you and where they fit into the overall patient journey, come along to our webinar on the 4th May.

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