Connected Health Record

A Connected Health Record (CHR) provides a holistic view of a patient’s health. It connects them to, and places them within the centre of their care teams and the clinicians treating them.

Our solutions are designed to give healthcare providers a complete view of their patient’s health history and to empower consumers by staying involved and informed of their own health.

We encourage healthcare engagement to achieve improved health outcomes. Our integrated approach gives access to the right information at the right time for informed decisions.

Our Solutions

Aged and Homecare

Global Health has a portable and easy to use software for Aged Care and Home Care and adheres to best practice clinical service care.

Mental Health

Global Health provides a complete client record management system made for Psychologists and Psychiatrists. It streamlines the delivery of multiple programs and services with tools that help with client assessments, data records, risk identification, reporting, appointments, SMS reminders and billing.

General Practitioners

Global Health provides all-encompassing system solutions for patient and practice management, including tools for setting appointments, patient assessments, management plans and reporting.

Community Health

Global Health provides integrated software solutions for all areas of community health and human services such as drug and alcohol, disability, dental, post-acute care, community care, mental health services and community rehabilitation.

Allied Health

Global Health provides clinical information and practice management systems that can support multidisciplinary health teams and organisations.


Global Health provides hospitals and health services with software to connect clinicians and consumers, streamlining the patient journey. Our solutions combined enables the flow of information from digital referrals and online registration to discharge.


Global Health provides a centralised, simple and secure consumer software in a personal health record app. This enables users to record, plan and track their health information. Designed to make life easier, it is particularly beneficial for those with chronic or lifelong health conditions to connect with healthcare providers and to better manage their health.


Global Health provides Pharmacists a solution to efficiently manage patient data for additional services and programs improving the patient experience.


Global Health provides Specialist solutions for patient and practice management, including tools for setting appointments, patient assessments, management plans and reporting.

Global Health Achievements
Delivering value and innovation

At Global Health, innovations in digital health technology solutions are strongly focussed on patient engagement and connectivity. From state-wide rollouts to solo practitioners, our products have produced improvements in patient outcomes and business productivity.


Healthcare Organisations

Global Health products are deployed across Australia


Healthcare Providers

Supporting over 10,000
healthcare providers


Patient Care

Through our software we
have assisted over 3m patients

Investor Centre

Business Unit Update

M+ is our enterprise solution which enables hospitals to digitise communications and workflow between hospitals, clinics, specialists, allied health and primary care practitioners.


Global Health’s partnership with Diabetes Victoria has opened new doors within the consumer market. We will continue our partnered focus to better the management of diabetes health.


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