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From state-wide rollouts to solo practitioners, our products produce improvements in business productivity and patient outcomes particularly in the management of people with chronic or lifelong health conditions.

These need a coordinated approach involving multiple medical and allied health services across a variety of delivery settings sharing sensitive clinical information and working in partnership with their patients.

Managing over 3 million occasions of service annually

Global Health products have produced improvements in business productivity and patient outcomes in a variety of healthcare settings such as community health organisations focused on the management of non-communicable disease (NCD), private and public practitioners in allied health, general practice, specialist clinics and hospitals throughout Australia and now Malaysia.

Deployed in over 3,000 healthcare organisations

Over 3,000 healthcare organisations use our software applications across mental health, GP’s, specialists, hospitals, allied health and community health. Global Health are engaging Area health and Primary Health Networks to increase the contribution of healthcare professionals to the My Health Record’s national health data collection infrastructure through our healthcare software solutions.

Used by over 10,000 healthcare providers

Global Health works with the healthcare industry, its providers, communities and consumers to enhance connectivity through software systems that support their clinical, business and operational needs. Our aim is to deliver improved productivity and better patient outcomes across the healthcare industry via the service providers.

Supporting in excess of 1.5 million people

Global Health’s mission is to transform the patient journey with a strong product suite that’s funded by software subscriptions and pay-per-use transaction fees. Our innovations in digital health technology solutions are strongly focused on patient engagement and connectivity across the sector.

Take an integrated approach to healthcare with Global Health

Our technology works seamlessly across the health sector, giving access to the right information at the right time allowing healthcare providers to make informed decisions, and encouraging patients to be more engaged in achieving improved health outcomes by empowering them with access and control of their digital health information.

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