General Practitioners

Global Health provides integrated software solutions for GPs

Providing all-encompassing system solutions for patient and practice management, including tools for setting appointments, patient assessments, management plans and reporting.

A customisable solution for GPs to digitise their service and processes

A portable, web-based, customisable solution that enables healthcare providers digitise communications and workflow, between hospitals, clinics, rehab, specialists, allied health and primary care practitioners. MasterCare+ is a patient-centric repository of correspondence and notes. ReferralNet is embedded within MasterCare+, and enables the electronic exchange of letters, orders, results, progress notes, encounter and discharge summaries between healthcare providers.

Medical and practice software for GP’s, specialists and allied health practitioners

GPs, specialists, medical practice managers, nurses, nurse practitioners and allied health practitioners alike all use our software to improve their practice efficiencies and profitability.

PrimaryClinic Medical and Practice systems share the same patient data to ensure complete integration and avoids any synchronisation errors.

PrimaryClinic Medical and Practice software is used by thousands of Australian health care providers across the country.

A Personal Health Record App to Manage, Maintain and Monitor Personal Health

A personal health record for consumers to securely store and access their health information anywhere, anytime, on any device. Key medical records, observations and measurements can be monitored and tracked to encourage positive behaviour change. The Lifecard platform empowers individuals to pro-actively maintain their wellness and manage health outcomes, and is particularly valuable for consumers with lifelong conditions and Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs).

A Digital Patient Engagement Platform to Engage Patients and Clients Online

The digital engagement tool ensures an online presence for practices and healthcare providers across Australia. The site is optimised for both mobile and desktop use and offers a HotHealth app available on the Apple App and Google Play Store. HotHealth also has video conferencing for Telehealth and appointment booking capabilities to improve patient engagement.

It is easy to set-up and customise your site and app pages and can be set up in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is enter your practice details, logo, contact information and choose your main colours, then your site is ready to go.

An Online Portal to easily fill out forms and questionnaires prior to visiting your clinic

Patient Portal is an online portal to easily capture patient data digitally via an online form or questionnaires prior to admission. It eliminates the need for staff to re-key critical information from patients, and all data is stored in the client database.

A Secure Messaging Platform to Digitally Send and Receive eReferrals

A secure messaging platform for healthcare providers to securely send and receive patient-related documents such as referrals, letters, results and discharge summaries. Secure messaging improves business productivity and patient outcomes by reducing the need for re-keying of data and minimising transcription errors.

A Cloud Hosting Service Integrated with all our Healthcare Provider systems

Altitude is Global Health’s Cloud Hosting Service and is integrated with a number of the Global Health software solutions. Data is maintained, managed and backed-up at a protected Tier 1 data centre in Australia, while also remaining accessible whenever and where ever needed. Choose to host any of Global Health’s solutions, or a non-Global Health solutions on the cloud and gain access to a wide variety of benefits.

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