Our history from the beginning…

Established as a software house in Perth in 1985, Global Health was then trading as Working Systems. The company developed enterprise software for a broad range of clients across the public and private sector.

In April 2000, Working Systems merged with Grant Thornton Management Consulting (W.A.) and was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange as a technology company specialising in:

eHealth focusing on the health care sector

eBusiness providing internet consulting services to the wider market

eLearning providing consulting and content for the education and training market

In 2008 the Global Health refocused it’s products and services exclusively for the health care industry and continued innovations with personal health records to support collaborative and self-care practices for consumers.

Our impact in the health care industry


1992Global Health’s stake in the health care industry was established within the hospital sector providing a Patient Administration Systems (PAS) to over 200 organisations.
Development, support and deployment of patient administration system (PAS) and financial systems state-wide (over 60 sites) for the WA Department of Health rural and regional community hospitals and health services. This project involved replacing entirely manual and paper-based processes with an electronic system. The project won a government industry award for efficiency.
1995Development, support and deployment of a Patient Administration System (PAS) and financial systems state-wide (over 60 sites) for the SA Department of Human Services rural and regional community hospitals and health services.
2002 Development, deployment and support of MasterCare clinical information system and Electronic Discharge Referral System at the Royal Women’s Hospital and Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.
2002Deployment and support for MasterCare electronic Discharge Referrals System (eDRS) within NSW Health. Global Health was selected as the exclusive panel contract supplier of electronic discharge referral systems to area health services for a period of 5 years. Currently, the NSCCH (Northern Sydney Central Coast Health, formerly Northern Sydney) and Hunter New England Area Health Services have implemented MasterCare, representing a catchment base of around 50 hospitals.
2011MasterCare ePAS and ReferralNet deployed in Wesley Mission’s Kogarah and Ashfield sites.
2015Launch of MasterCare ePAS on the cloud.

Primary & Community Health

2001Global Health’s health care portfolio was extended to include clinical and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems to hospitals, specialists, allied health and general practices.
2002Global Health wins a tender for the redevelopment of MasterCare MHAGIC to be used in an enterprise/multi-site environment at ACT Health. MasterCare MHAGIC is used across the entire territory, both public and private hospitals in inpatient and community settings. Over 500 users access the system (which is still in use) each day.
2007Deployment of ReferralNet Secure Messaging for General Practice Tasmania Limited comprising three division of General Practice and the Rural Workforce Agency in Tasmania.
2009MasterCare MHAGIC is implemented under the SA government Shared Care Program. MasterCare MHAGIC is rolled out to all 14 sites across the state. Data Warehouse is used at GPSA head office for reporting across all sites.
2011The National Youth Mental Health Foundation, headspace announced the deployment of MasterCare MHAGIC and ReferralNet Secure Messaging across 40 centres nationally.
2011Commissioned to roll-out OzePost – a secure messaging service – to OzeScribe clients to enable delivery of outpatient letters from Southern Health to specialists.
2014Deployment of MasterCare MHAGIC and ReferralNet Secure Messaging to South West Healthcare Mental Health Services to transforms it’s delivery of services from being largely paper based to adopting an EMR system tailored to Victorian Mental Health Services more…
2014Launch of MasterCare EMR and MHAGIC on the cloud

Connectivity and Consumers

2000e-switch data broker deployed in over 15 clients for transactions across enterprise applications including the integration between SAP and an e-procurement extranet for Woodside Energy Ltd in Perth.
2003HotHealth website was made available for the general public as a Global Health hosted service.
2004BetterDiabetes.com Chronic Disease Management tool developed and released to the Royal Children’s Hospital as a Global Health hosted service.
2008Certification for Medicare ECLIPSE online claiming.
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