October 2023 – Fujitsu, a global digital transformation company and Global Health Limited (ASX:GLH), a digital health solutions enterprise today announced they have entered a strategic relationship to bring Global Health’s full portfolio of software solutions to the Asia Pacific healthcare industry across 13 countries.

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August 2023: Global Health’s (ASX:GLH) HotHealth software is designed for health businesses. Improve your healthcare services and daily administrative tasks from a single platform. Gain access to multiple tools for greater opportunities. Take appointments, collect data through digital forms, hold video appointments and engage with your patients.

Hear from Global Health’s Clinical Product Specialist, Elaria Naguib, discuss how HotHealth Digital Front Door Platform is used to improve patient experience with a recent case study with The Sydney Children Hospital.

Global Health is pleased to announce strong progress in key areas: – Customer Revenue, Recurring Revenue and Gross Margin achieved double digit growth. – Operating expenses have been redirected to customer facing roles. – Investment of resourcing in product engineering was accelerated to ensure the Group’s focus on delivering patient-centric SaaS based platforms will be substantially completed by December 2024.

ReferralNet Secure Message Delivery

ReferralNet Secure Messaging helps healthcare professionals confidently and efficiently exchange referrals and other documents.

ReferralNet and GoFax | All in one solution

ReferralNet’s partnership with GoFax provides a streamlined workflow while reducing manual labour and eliminating fax from your practice.

HotHealth | Acquire, Engage & Grow

Expand your reach with an online presence that builds trust and credibility and improve the services you provide from a single platform.

MasterCare+ for Clinicals

Provide quality care while accessing tools for streamlining operations and simplifying administrative tasks with MasterCare+.

MasterCare+ for Pharmacy

MasterCare+ gives pharmacies the tools to run additional programs and services efficiently to help improve the patient experience.

MasterCare+ for AIP Prescribing

Gain peace of mind while you prescribe with MasterCare+ for AIP Prescribing.

MasterCare EMR Dashboard as a Service

Enjoy easy analysis in seconds with our ready-made customised dashboard, installed for you by the MasterCare team.

Lifecard Personal Health Record

Lifecard Personal Health Record makes managing, maintaining and improving your health easy all in one simple app.

Small Cap Showcase Presentation Recording

Mathew Cherian CEO and Managing Director on Wholesale Investor’s Virtual Showcase.

Global Health

Global Health software and applications are built to cover the clinical, business and consumer needs of healthcare delivery.

MasterCare+ for Allied Health

MasterCare+ Allied Health lets you record client details, schedule appointments, take clinical notes and more!

Lifecard for Diabetes

Lifecard is a personal health record app which empowers individuals to pro-actively maintain their wellness and manage their health.

Pitt Street Research Interview

Global Health works with the healthcare industry, its providers, communities and consumers to enhance connectivity through software.

The Market Unpacked Interview

Mathew Cherian, CEO of Global Health discusses the need for healthcare digitization and consumer empowerment through their suite of products.

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