Aged and Homecare

Global Health provides a portable and easy to use software for carers on the go

Both the Aged Care and Homecare solutions have team-based infrastructure allowing for effective care-team input across multiple episodes, supporting multiple funding models so healthcare practitioners and organisations can digitally transform their services and processes. Homecare and residents’ data and notes can be recorded wherever you are, on any device, anytime. Patient enjoy an improved quality of life with better communication capabilities, while providers reduce their dependence on paper-based processes, and exchange information via Secure Messaging with GPs and Allied Health.

A customisable solution for Specialists to digitise their service and processes

MasterCare+ for Aged Care is a portable and easy to use software that ensures best practice clinical care. Improve the care of residents and the quality of their lives with improved communication capabilities. Resident data and notes can be recorded wherever you are on any device, anytime.

Reduce your dependence on paper-based processes and exchange information from MasterCare+ to GPs and Allied Health with Secure Messaging.

A Secure Messaging Platform to Digitally Send and Receive eReferrals

A secure messaging platform for healthcare providers to securely send and receive patient-related documents such as referrals, letters, results and discharge summaries. Secure messaging improves business productivity and patient outcomes by reducing the need for re-keying of data and minimising transcription errors.

An Online Portal to easily fill out forms and questionnaires prior to visiting

Patient Portal is an online portal to easily capture patient data digitally via an online form or questionnaires prior to admission. It eliminates the need for staff to re-key critical information from patients, and all data is stored in the client database.

A Cloud Hosting Service Integrated with all our Healthcare Provider systems

Altitude is Global Health’s Cloud Hosting Service and is integrated with a number of the Global Health software solutions. Data is maintained, managed and backed-up at a protected Tier 1 data centre in Australia, while also remaining accessible whenever and where ever needed. Choose to host any of Global Health’s solutions, or a non-Global Health solutions on the cloud and gain access to a wide variety of benefits.

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