ReferralNet Add Value to New Innovative Service

ReferralNet Add Value to New Innovative Service

Global Health’s ReferralNet provides the secure messaging component to a new and innovative transcription service, VoiceBox. As part of a new service for GPs and Specialists, VoiceBox transcribes letters and referrals and eliminates the need for writing.

As an intelligent medical transcription service, VoiceBox accurately transcribes referrals in a timely, confidential, and trustworthy way. Hoxton MPM, a premium provider of medical administration services for doctors, own and operate VocieBox. It was from their work in the healthcare industry, that they recognised the need for such a service.

Powered by IBM Watson, the speech recognition software allows dictation to be performed using a smartphone or desktop microphone. Voice is then converted to text, and the file is securely sent to the Doctor or GP via ReferralNet Secure Messaging for review.

The makers of VoiceBox recognised the value in ReferralNet and the service they provide. ReferralNet is dedicated to achieving secure, seamless information exchange across the healthcare industry, which was what VoiceBox needed from a provider for this element of the process. They are also compliant with Australian Government standards, and listed on the Australian Digital Health Agency’s Register to Conformity, giving VoiceBox the confidence in service and guarantee by ReferralNet to securely and reliably transfer data.

Once the transcribed file is approved, the data is sent directly via ReferralNet to the recipients, and also to the Doctor or Specialists’ own medical practice software.

“We are proud to work with the wider healthcare industry, especially on innovative services like VoiceBox. In our combined effort we want to improve the overall patient journey, as well as the service level and the means it is provided.”

Global Health.

VoiceBox guarantees a 98% accuracy rate or higher for excellent quality audio. If you would like to hear more about VoiceBox and the transcription service, please visit the website.