South Australia Allied Health sponsors MasterCare+ for MHR

South Australia Allied Health sponsors MasterCare+ for MHR

A new agreement between Global Health and Adelaide Primary Health Network (APHN) will enable Allied Health professionals around South Australia to contribute to the My Health Record’s national health data collection infrastructure while experiencing the efficiency benefits of Global Health’s MasterCare+ patient administration platform for free.


A longstanding Global Health client, APHN is funding a six-month, state-wide sponsorship of MasterCare+ for Allied Health Providers who currently use paper records or disparate electronic systems so they can enjoy the security, efficiency and patient engagement benefits of standardised digital communications and record-keeping.

By integrating their practice systems into the MasterCare+ platform, osteopaths, physiotherapists, optometrists and other Allied Health practitioners will be able to collect and upload information directly into My Health Record as well as receive electronic referrals, bill electronically and digitise case notes.

A not-for-profit organisation funded by the Federal Government, APHN is one of two PHNs in South Australia and its goal is to improve the primary care experience in the region.

APHN currently operates Global Health’s data collection system, MasterCare Electronic Medical Record (EMR), as a state-wide record for PHN-funded services. Under the sponsorship, Global Health will work with APHN to migrate to the newest generation of MasterCare, MasterCare+, as a shared platform with Allied Health Providers. Using MasterCare+ to manage clients and provide data sets to APHN will be a condition of provider funding.

According to Global Health’s MasterCare Product Manager, Kye Cherian, the APHN sponsorship will benefit both the richness of My Health Record’s South Australian data and Allied Health Providers’ administrative efficiency.

“APHN is providing leadership and vision in by investing in MasterCare+ as the pathway for South Australia’s Allied Health professionals to integrate their practice records with the national My Health Care infrastructure, which has not previously been possible,” he said.

“Not only will migrating to this industry-leading platform strengthen the robustness of My Health Record data, it will enable practitioners and their patients to benefit from the innovative features of MasterCare+, such as mobile optimisation, secure messaging between providers and digitised inbound referrals.”

View the ASX Announcement here.