Lifecard Personal Health Record for Athletes

Lifecard Personal Health Record for Athletes

Global Health has recently partnered with Jobs4Sport, a platform built for sporting teams looking to recruit players and coaches.

Lifecard will provide all athletes on the Jobs4Sport platform with the opportunity to have their own digital medical record. Maintaining a high level of fitness and excellent health is vital for all athletes who want to minimise the risk of injury and illness while travelling and playing. Lifecard gives athletes easy access to their medical record anytime, anywhere.

Jobs4Sport enables rising players and coaches to find employment via clubs and recently launched their first portal targeting Rugby Union players and clubs.

“This is what amateur Rugby and amateur sport really needs in Australia and around the world” said former Australian Wallaby Chris Roche. “For many years players have been attracted to a club on the promise of a job, now through Jobs4Rugby you can secure the job for the player before they leave their hometown with the added benefit of their personal digital medical record travelling with them.”

“We have recently launched Jobs4Rugby in South Africa, where 2,500 players and coaches are now linked to the site,” said Raymond Donato, Chair of Jobs4Sport. “We expect this subscription to grow to 200,000 people worldwide within 24 months” He also commented that “For these elite athletes, it makes sense that they don’t leave home without a personal digital medical record.”

Jobs4Sport have a further seven team sports in their pipeline for the next 24 months with the larger team sport markets of cricket, football, netball, basketball, AFL, rugby league and hockey.

Mathew Cherian, Global Health Ltd CEO said “Jobs4Rugby is a great launching pad that will enable us to assess and refine the Lifecard offering in the major rugby playing nations across five continents. For amateur athletes, regardless of the sport, having your health record for emergencies or just for monitoring your key health performance indicators is a massive step forward.”

“Lifecard provides all athletes with the platform to have their personal digital medical record providing easy access to their medical record no matter where they travel or where they play.”

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Jobs4Sport is an innovative new platform, uniting players, clubs, coaches and agents from around the world. We are dedicated to the sporting community and promoting good players, practice and policy.