Black Dog Institute selects MasterCare EMR to support innovation

Black Dog Institute selects MasterCare EMR to support innovation

Australia’s internationally acclaimed Institute for research and services in the mental health area, Black Dog Institute, has chosen Global Health’s MasterCare EMR as its new clinical and practice management software.


MasterCare EMR is a team-based, client-centric record that supports multiple programs and services. MasterCare EMR allows for customised program support across minimum data sets, streamlined data collection and out-of-the box support for over 25 common Federal and State-funded programs. It possesses the ability to be configured to suit different workflows within individual organisations and enhance the workflow functionality of multi-program and multi-site community health providers.


MasterCare EMR has specific mental health modules, such as risk assessments and assessment wizards. The solution has an inbuilt practice management system for clinic appointments, billing, online claiming, staff rostering, client management and secure messaging.


General Manager of MasterCare, Kye Cherian, says the purpose-built-for-Australia platform can be implemented either as is, or adapted easily for specific client needs and requests.


“The area of mental health is one that requires continuous research, innovation and investment to meet growing demand,” he says, “the Black Dog Institute clinical services arm’s use of MasterCare EMR will support their research-based approach to delivering and improving Mental Health services.”


“Often people with a mental health condition have lifelong needs, and it is essential these services are coordinated and tracked for optimum outcomes and continuous improvement.”


Black Dog Institute has a world-renowned research centre, where the collection and analysis of data is essential, with more than one research project being conducted at any given time. Among its other services, the Institute conducts various educational programs, diagnoses, supports and treats patients and is a strong advocate for the mental health sector.


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