HotHealth providing innovative digital healthcare solutions

HotHealth providing innovative digital healthcare solutions

Global Health’s online engagement platform, HotHealth provides market-leading digital solutions for better patient outcomes and experiences.

What is virtual care?

Virtual care includes anyway a healthcare provider interacts with their clients and patients, without seeing them in person. Currently, the most common example in the health industry is telemedicine, where the health provider will use audio and video to talk to their patients without being in the same room. This is becoming increasingly popular for rural patients and healthcare providers offering follow up appointments.

However, there are several other activities or services that can be included in a definition of virtual care This includes healthcare providers checking in with patients after a hospital or clinic visit and asking them to provide patient recorded outcomes in the quest to provide a better patient experience.

What types of virtual care do healthcare consumers want?

According to an Accenture Report, 74% of healthcare consumers are satisfied with the level of experience they received via virtual care methods such as telehealth video conferences and online results.

In addition to this, the report outlines that regardless of their health status, consumers want the option of having virtual appointments. The findings indicate that there is little difference between those that are chronically unwell and those that are not.

When asked what they would use virtual care technology for, nearly three-quarters of respondents said they would use technology to attend virtual after-hours appointments or to attend a class on specific health conditions (e.g. diabetes or cardiovascular health).

Furthermore, over 6 in 10 people said they would use technology to have a follow-up appointment, to discuss a health concern or to access follow-up care services at home after being in a hospital.

Some studies have shown that 50% of people would leave their current healthcare provider for one that provides better technology (BusinessWire, 2018).

How can we help?

Global Health and HotHealth can support healthcare clinics and hospitals in providing a range of virtual care services to patients and clients.

Video conferencing for after-hours

HotHealth’s secure video conferencing technology allows users to offer after-hours or follow up appointments to their clients and patients. This additional service not only creates value for their own clients but also provides an opportunity for an additional income stream for the business.

HotHealth’s video conferencing technology is based off bookings, so your healthcare providers are aware in advance of when they will need to be available.

Virtual care for condition-specific conditions

HotHealth’s store module to offer electronic versions of classes and courses. Once clients have purchased this through the organisation’s HotHealth site, they can be sent a link to watch the course.

If organisations are a peak body, they can look into becoming a Lifecard partner, where for a small monthly cost, users can subscribe to a condition-specific module in the Lifecard Health Record app. This will give them access to a specially designed module catering for that health condition that has measurements and questions specific to them and also material such as education and links to resources.

Home care

Once logged into the organisation’s HotHealth site, clients and patients can access their Lifecard Health Record from the upper menu.

Organisations should encourage their clients and patients to use the Lifecard app to record their key health outcomes so that their results can be tracked in a visual format and provide a base of conversation at your next appointment.

The Lifecard app has a unique sharing function where the health records of those in-home care can be shared with healthcare providers or family members.


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