COVID-19 resources: telehealth

COVID-19 resources: telehealth

Two Global Health product’s were recently featured in the PulseIT Technology resource page for their telehealth capabilities enabling service providers to continue servicing patients during COVID-19.

Read what PulseIT had to say about  Global Health’s HotHealth and PrimaryClinic in this article originally published on the Pulse IT Magazine website, view original post here.


Global Health has added an announcement bar to its HotHealth patient engagement platform to enable users to add notifications about the COVID-19 pandemic to their website. The company is also offering the HotHealth platform for free until June 15 to all new and current users.

A Global Health spokesperson said the announcement bar will give HotHealth users a simple solution to communicate changes directly on their site. The announcement or notification bar allows a one or two-sentence announcement space at the very top of the homepage.

Users of GlobalHealth’s PrimaryClinic practice management software can conduct remote video consultations and triage patients through HotHealth. It enables healthcare providers to digitally communicate with patients through video conferences, community engagement tools, online bookings and online forms, which can be used to further screen patients prior to consultations.

GPs and their patients can access the video conferencing function via their computer, tablet or the HotHealth phone app, and appointments are set up and scheduled the same as a face-to-face consultation, with an allocated time slot and an active link to join the consultation. Once all parties have joined the video conference, they can see and hear each other through the microphone and camera on their devices.

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