Global Health Bridges the Gap from Fax to a Future in Digital Healthcare

Global Health Bridges the Gap from Fax to a Future in Digital Healthcare

Global Health’s ReferralNet partners with GoFax


Australian Healthcare Software provider Global Health Limited (ASX: GLH) (“Global Health” or “Company”) is pleased to announce a commercial partnership with GoLogic Group which will considerably extend the connectivity reach across the healthcare sector for the Company’s ReferralNet customers.


Key Highlights

  • Supporting digital to digital sharing of documents across healthcare
  • Increase network reach to include Health Delivery Organisations still using fax
  • Extended service offering that increases value to Healthcare Delivery Organisations


Global Health’s ReferralNet Secure Messaging platform is partnering with GoFax – the leading Australian provider of online digital fax services to enable a seamless customer experience when sending or receiving clinical documents.


GoFax provide a secure, reliable, and premium quality digital faxing service to healthcare professionals via email, internet, and mobile. Combined with ReferralNet, healthcare practitioners will gain access to a single solution for all their document exchange needs.


Healthcare professionals will be able to send and receive clinical documents from their colleagues who use GoFax from within their existing clinical software configured with ReferralNet.


This significantly reduces the costs associated with the outdated manual handling process of paper or loading documents from/to a fax service.


As a joint effort, Global Health’s ReferralNet and GoLogic’s GoFax will enhance information sharing across organisational boundaries further enabling a connected healthcare eco-system.


Mathew Cherian, Managing Director of Global Health said:

“We recognised there were still blockers in the digital flow of patient data across healthcare providers, due to the slow adoption of secure messaging, interoperability and the continued use of fax machines, especially with many smaller clinicians who are still paper based.

“By partnering with GoFax, we can support all healthcare practitioners on their journey to a digital and paper-less world.

“GoFax provided a system-to-system connection and worked with the ReferralNet team to digitise processes and optimise the customer experience. The goal is to streamline workflow and deliver efficiencies and financial benefits for both our customers.”


Clients who sign up for both accounts will gain access to the secure exchange of documents, as well as the capability to fax directly from their ReferralNet enabled clinical system. Together the combined offering will give customers the freedom to connect with a much broader network of healthcare professionals. Combining ReferralNet’s interoperability with Telstra Health’s Argus Secure Messaging will provide customers access to just about any healthcare organisation in Australia.


Bradley Davis, CEO of GoLogic Group said:

“GoFax customers appreciate the flexibility of a fax solution that adapts to the workflows of a changing healthcare environment. Our partnership with Global Health will result in a comprehensive communication solution for both GoFax and Global Health customers.”


Securely exchanging patient information between healthcare practitioners and organisations is paramount in improving patient care. Like ReferralNet, GoFax supports an end to end encryption with their fax service, maintaining the privacy of patient information, and ensuring medical professionals are connected as an integral part of the Australian healthcare system. This ensures they have access to the right information, at the right time when they need it to provide sufficient care.


To learn more about the combined offering from Referral and GoFax for exchanging clinical documents