Global Health’s ReferralNet secure message volumes up 31%

Global Health’s ReferralNet secure message volumes up 31%

Global Health’s ReferralNet secure messaging platform has seen a steady increase in growth rates over the last 3 years with a record 31% increase in electronic referral and specialist correspondence volumes recorded over the last 12 months to 31 March 2015.

ReferralNet is highly regarded across its subscriber base for its ease of use, consistent reliability and message monitoring capabilities with an almost unlimited range of correspondence or file types which can be shared electronically between healthcare providers. ReferralNet is unique in the Australian healthcare messaging market with a “payload agnostic” approach. This means subscribers can securely exchange any data in any format ranging from hospital discharge summaries, diagnostic orders, results, referrals, progress notes and other common correspondence between clinicians including video and voice content.

The ReferralNet subscriber base and volumes has been positive over the 3-year period other than the 12 months to June 2014. That period of lower growth rate was due to significant engineering undertaken by the Company to implement the Government’s eHealth infrastructure relating to Secure Message Delivery (SMD) standards, Health Identifier Services (HI Services) and the Medicare-operated Personally-Controlled electronic Health Record (PCeHR).

Full support for the national eHealth infrastructure is now available across the Company’s portfolio through the MasterCare Connect Cloud service which is positioned as a gateway between healthcare organisations, external organisations and government infrastructure services.

CEO Mathew Cherian says,

“We are encouraged by the trajectory of transaction growth that we have achieved over the last 12 months. Secure e-Messaging between healthcare providers and other public and private agencies involved in patient care will significantly reduce the administrative costs of paper handling. This enables more resources to be directed at patient-centered activity.

“Our current growth has been achieved in the local (Victorian) market. With the national eHealth infrastructure now in place, our focus is to develop interchange agreements with other SMD providers which will reduce the customer (network) acquisition cost and hasten national access for ReferralNet subscribers. As these agreements are progressively implemented the rate of growth should continue to trend upwards due to the estimated 100+ million paper-based referrals and progress notes exchanged between general practitioners, specialists, hospitals and allied health that are still faxed and snail-mailed.”

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Chief Executive Officer
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