HotHealth’s new features taking a step towards connected healthcare

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HotHealth’s new features taking a step towards connected healthcare

HotHealth has introduced a range of new features in its latest release. This new update includes the addition of HL7 and the option for patients to link Lifecard to HotHealth to prefill key data points.

The addition of these new features is the next step towards Global Health, providing a connected solution where products can work together to create the best possible solution.

Rather than managing various platforms, HotHealth provides a single solution for health businesses to acquire new patients and clients, engage their communities and grow their business. From creating digital versions of forms to holding group forums for like-minded patients, HotHealth provides a single solution to help provide top tier care to a clinic’s patients and clients.

These new features will enhance the patient journey by creating a better user experience for both patient and clinician. The platform supports healthcare teams to automate workflows, reduces the need for excessive administration, and create better data flows.

HotHealth includes features aimed at increasing patient engagement between a health organisation and their patients. With an offering of features including online appointments, electronic forms, video conferencing, online store and discussion groups, organisations can begin to engage with patients. These features allow businesses to better interact with their community and consequently provide better patient care.

HotHealth aims to provide a range of tools to businesses that assist in creating long-lasting relationships with their patients. Leveraging HotHealth’s features will provide more convenience for organisations and assist in retaining loyal clients.

Consumers will have the option to save details to prefill future forms. This feature will allow consumers to ‘save’ the following information for future use:

  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Email
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Medicare Number
  • Gender

When configured to send data as HL7 refi12 to a clinical system, a PDF copy of the entire form will also be saved to the patient file in the end system. HotHealth leverages Global Health’s Secure Messaging system, ReferralNet, to send the data to end systems securely.

These features facilitate better communication between systems, reduce unnecessary data entry, and streamline workflows, creating better patient outcomes. There are plans to add support to other HL7 data elements later this year.

HotHealth continuously updates its features to provide the best possible solution for healthcare providers. Providing a single system allows HotHealth to assist with patient engagement without managing multiple software platforms.

HotHealth fits into a connected solution provided by Global Health to provide an end-to-end solution.

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