New Gold Coast Surgical Hospital Implements MasterCare ePAS

New Gold Coast Surgical Hospital Implements MasterCare ePAS

Global Health is pleased to announce the execution of a contract with Pulse Health Ltd (Pulse) for the implementation of its MasterCare ePAS (Patient Administration System) at Pulse’s new Gold Coast Surgical Hospital.

The hospital will have 6 operating theatres and 24 beds, along with onsite radiology, pathology, pharmacy and consulting suites. The hospital development at Varsity Lakes on the mid -Gold Coast seeks to accommodate the strong demand from local surgeons for a high quality, specialist surgical hospital in the area.

As part of the agreement, Global Health will implement a standard operating environment (SOE) across the Pulse group of hospitals including a centralised MasterCare Data Warehouse consolidating operating data from all hospitals in the Pulse Group thereby providing head office with valuable insight into the financial and clinical trends across the group.

In addition to MasterCare ePAS, Gold Coast Surgical will also implement Global Health’s MasterCare Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Practice Management System (PMS) for their Specialists.

Global Health’s ReferralNet e-switch Enterprise Application Integration broker will manage the 2-way exchange of data between the inpatient (ePAS) and specialists’ system (EMR/PMS).

ReferralNet Claims will provide integration with external funders such as Medicare, DVA and Private Health Funds across both inpatient and specialist services.

ReferralNet Secure Messaging will provide secure connectivity with other external healthcare providers for the exchange of documents such as inbound referrals, progress notes, hospital discharge summaries, pathology and radiology results between the hospital, specialists and external healthcare providers.

The portfolio of Global Health products will be hosted on Global Health’s Cloud platform offering a fully managed service for the hospital.

Global Health CEO Mathew Cherian says,

“This is a significant upgrade in our engagement with Pulse Health with the deployment ofa Standard Operating Environment of Global Health products that, in combination with our managed Cloud services, provide maximum value for Pulse. We are excited with the extension of the relationship and look forward to working with Pulse to maximise productivity through technology.“

For more information:

Mathew Cherian
Chief Executive Officer
Global Health Limited
T: 61 3 9675 0688