Why choose snail mail when you can send secure electronic messages?

Why choose snail mail when you can send secure electronic messages?

In 2008 the Australian Government launched an e-health plan to streamline the delivery of health care. The adoption of secure messaging was an important component of that plan; however, despite the obvious benefits of secure messaging, a survey has found that snail mail is still the preferred method for many healthcare practitioners.

It seems that old habits die hard with 42 per cent still preferred to send records via post and fax, despite more than 70 per cent thinking that sharing records electronically had the potential to either streamline work or accelerate the referral process for patients.1

A recent article “Secure messaging for General Practice: A cost benefit analysis”, found that if a typical general practice ditches the faxed referrals, they can save nearly $5,400 in wages for the time it takes to receive, process and scan. On top of that, a GP can save around $2,775 by using secure electronic messaging to send referrals instead of faxing them.

All in all, GPs can save $7,175 per year ($4,400 + $1,775 (– $1,000 cost of secure messaging software)) by making the switch to sending and receiving referrals via secure messaging.

4 ways to use secure messaging in healthcare

A secure message delivery system is the ideal communication channel to streamline conversations around patient care. It enables fast communication between providers and allows practitioners and admin staff to use their more efficiently and effectively.

  1. Receive clinical results electronically. Match the results to the patient and it populates your patient’s record

  2. Receive electronic referrals and discharge summaries straight into your Clinical Practice Management System’s inbox

  3. Communicate electronically with other practitioners

  4. Track your correspondence and ensure that only the intended receiver can open your message

Global Health’s secure messaging system is unique in the Australian healthcare messaging market with the ability to securely exchange any data in any format including video and voice content.

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