MasterCare EMR selected by Monash Health Drug and Alcohol Services

MasterCare EMR selected by Monash Health Drug and Alcohol Services

Late last year the World Health Organization declared mental health to be one of the greatest areas of ill health and disability worldwide, affecting at least 450 million people at any given time.


With the concentration of the Australian Government in this area and a Royal Commission in Victoria, highly sophisticated and flexible platforms which allow for electronic connectivity, data collection and retention, secure messaging, coordination of services and recordings necessary for government compliance are increasingly essential in this complex area.


MasterCare EMR, is a highly advanced and scalable platform built specifically for Australian healthcare services. MasterCare’s platform’s core function for Monash Health Drug and Alcohol services will be to ensure that they can effectively manage clients, in line with the new Victorian Alcohol and Drug Services (VADC) data capture and reporting requirements. This will be the 3rd Victorian AOD service to adopt the platform with both Windana Drug & Alcohol and Bass Coast Health joining as our early adopters for VADC in mid-2018.


MasterCare General Manager, Kye Cherian, said the company is now starting to see trends in data reporting requirements in both state and federal programs that require more structure and data integrity.


“MasterCare which has been supporting clients like ACT Health for over 15 years has a robust episodic framework that supports these more structured community programs”, he said.

Mr Cherian says the platform is one of the few in Australia that has the flexibility and sophistication needed in a multi-disciplinary area, and is a cost effective way of managing the complexities involved.


The team at MasterCare will continue to work with Monash Health on its current needs in this area.


View the ASX Announcement here.