Accomplish more with new ePAS on the cloud

Accomplish more with new ePAS on the cloud

Global Health is pleased to announce the arrival of its new cloud environment for ePAS (enhanced Patient Administration System). You now have the option to host ePAS on our dedicated and secure cloud infrastructure.

What are the main benefits?
You’ll enjoy a new level of mobility, security, service and performance for your database.

Global Health’s cloud is optimised for ePAS and includes a training/testing environment for you to trial new releases. We also offer regular maintenance and upgrades of the hardware and environment, removing the need for your staff to monitor and maintain servers.

All your data is regularly backed-up and we provide disaster recovery piece of mind.

About Global Health’s Cloud
Global Health’s cloud environment is provided by one of Australia’s largest telco providers, the facility boasts state of the art security and 99.95% guaranteed system availability. The data stays in Australia and remains your property.

For more information about our Patient Administration System on the cloud email us at or call 1300 723 938.