Supporting Woolworths Group subsidiary HealthyLife

Supporting Woolworths Group subsidiary HealthyLife

Woolworth Group subsidiary HealthyLife recently announced the launch of telehealth consultations that provide consumers with remote access to a network of healthcare practitioners – a service enabled by Global Health’s software.

Offering same-day online or telephone access to GPs, dietitians and nutritionists, HealthyLife also enables follow-up home-delivery of prescriptions from Superpharmacy (via HealthyLife) and other health-related items including vitamins, personal care, skin care, nutrition based natural, organic and sustainable products. Global Health’s integrated healthcare software enables HealthyLife to engage third party health care providers who can securely manage and collect patient details and manage online engagement experiences.

HealthyLife’s goals to help people eat, move, feel, look and live healthy align with Global Health’s vision to empower consumers to better manage their health outcomes through secure connectivity and digital engagement with their care team.

The launch of HealthyLife reinforces the importance of digital capabilities that enable innovative value-added and remote services.

It’s a reminder to all health service providers that digital client engagement is integral to future success, by allowing for seamless client experiences in any context.

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