Updated: Technology resources for COVID-19

Updated: Technology resources for COVID-19

Great to again have a Global Health product featured in the PulseIT Technology resource page. This time for HotHealth forms and surveys which are now available for medical practices, allied health practices and other service providers during the coronavirus outbreak and beyond.

Read what PulseIT had to say about Global Health’s HotHealth forms and surveys:

HotHealth forms and surveys

Patient engagement software vendor HotHealth has added new forms and surveys functionality to its platform, which enables healthcare providers to digitally communicate with clients and patients through video conferencing, community engagement tools and online bookings.

The online forms function can help screen high-risk clients prior to consultations and provide an alternative to face-to-face appointments, HotHealth says.

It will also allow patients to register via an online patient registration service, completing their own demographic details and providing telehealth consent, all of which can be automatically sent to the practice system.

It also has a drag and drop form builder to create custom forms specific to each organisation’s requirements, but there are also pre-made template available for organisations to use or start from.

Examples include patient registrations forms, COVID-19 screening forms, referral requests and feedback surveys all of which are accessible via a link, SMS, mobile phone, tablet or desktop.

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