Video: Digital Patient Journey for Hospitals

Video: Digital Patient Journey for Hospitals

We recently had a live Digital Journey for Hospitals webinar on the 4th of MayView a recording of the session now! 


Global Health offers a suite of SaaS solutions built to make it easy for our hospital clients to digitise their patient journey, from pre-admission to eventual treatment and discharge. 

The range of solutions on offer come capable of integration across our software eco-system system. Providing our clients with the ability to reduce unnecessary manual administrative tasks and increase business efficiency, ensuring their focus remains on delivering the best patient care possible. 

Global Health product specialists Courtney Angel and Arpitha Suresh, sat down to provide a 30-minute webinar preview of Global Health’s digital tools on offer for streamlining the patient journey. 

You can view a recording of the webinar:



Patient Portal

Digital pre-admission forms that once completed on any device, are automatically sent to your MasterCare PAS system, ready to create a pre-admission. Learn more>> 


A patient engagement software with built-in digital forms, video consultations, telehealth and more. Customisable to suit your company branding. Learn more>> 

MasterCare PAS

MasterCare’s Patient Administration System, a complete patient management tool, essential for allowing patients to access your hospital services. Learn more>> 


A web-based, multi-use platform with built in referral management and discharge summary features. Allowing for discharge summaries created in your PAS to be uploaded to MyHealthRecordLearn more>> 


A personal consumer application that allows patients to input personal health information and monitor their progress, upload important health documents and share their client record with family and other health professionals. Learn more>> 


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