Global Health is supporting Wandi Nerida with a complete software solution

Global Health is supporting Wandi Nerida with a complete software solution

Wandi Nerida is Australia’s first residential recovery centre for eating disorders and has officially opened, ready to begin taking patients on the 19th of July.


Global Health provides Wandi Nerida with a complete software solution encompassing MasterCare EMR, MasterCare PAS, HotHealth and ReferralNet to support the patient journey.

Wandi Nerida operates with a high staff-to-patient ratio and delivers care in an environment simulated to be comparable to the outside world to create real-life experiences.

Wandi Nerida is a 13-bed private hospital owned and operated by the Butterfly Foundation.

The Butterfly Foundation is a national charity supporting Australians impacted by eating disorders and body image issues. This assistance is also extended to their families, friends and communities who show them continued support.

Partnering with Butterfly Foundation has allowed Global Health to demonstrate our commitment to supporting mental health initiatives throughout Australia and work on improvements for the future.

Wandi Nerida’s EMR Specialist, Belinda Scott said “I have been liaising with Global Health and am happy to say that the team have worked hard to ensure that the EMR and PAS solution suits the environment at Wandi Nerida and the outcome is a user-friendly system.”

Using a range of Global Health’s products will complement different stages of a patient’s journey through recovery at Wandi Nerida allowing staff to admit, monitor and engage with past, current and future patients.

HotHealth allows businesses to acquire new clients, engage with the community and grow their business. Wandi Nerida uses HotHealth for different purposes, including their online landing page, digital forms, video consultations and group engagement for past participants.

MasterCare EMR is a solution built to provide users a single client record for continuity of care and is used to collect clinical notes at Wandi Nerida.

MasterCare PAS is a patient administration system that provides an end-to-end, fully integrated software solution supporting a digital journey and is used for admission within Wandi Nerida.

ReferralNet allows health professionals to securely exchange a range of document types and is integrated into the Wandi Nerida solution for secure data transfer from HotHealth to EMR and secure communication with other providers.

“Our team acutely understands what is happening in the mental health space in Australia, having developed the IT services to assist and recognise the importance of this initiative. We are strongly committed to supporting the Wandi Nerida facility to become the benchmark and ultimately viewed as the best practice model in dealing with the specific needs of people living with an eating disorder.” – Mathew Cherian, Global Health Executive Director.

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