Company Overview

In Short

Celebrating our 30 year anniversary, Global Health Limited (ASX:GLH) is one of Australia’s longest established and most experienced developers of software applications for the healthcare industry.

We work with the healthcare industry, its providers, communities and consumers to enhance connectivity through software systems that support their clinical, business and operational needs.

Our products aim to replace the need for paper-based processes with electronic systems that:

Enhances patient care

Reduces time and cost to the healthcare industry in laborious administrative tasks

Reduces health risks from the use of incorrect, incomplete and out-of-date patient records

Enables healthcare professionals to record comprehensive patient information

Streamlines the workflow of healthcare professionals

Enables secure sharing of patient information

We’re a member of the Medical Software Industry Association(MSIA) and support the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) to help transform and streamline healthcare delivery across Australia.

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