Software solutions supporting hospitals

Global Health provides hospitals and health services with technology and software from pre-admission through to discharge.

A Global Health solution for private and public hospitals has software suitable for all elements of a patient journey being implemented. MasterCare PAS enables a digital journey for each patient, in hospitals of any size or complexity. Specifically, our software will assist with relieving common issues seen with:

  • Patient records
  • Medicare and Private Health Fund billing
  • Admission, transfers, leave and discharge processes
  • Alerts and allergies
  • Theatre and bed management
  • Appointments and scheduling
  • Statutory and regulatory reporting for all Australian states

Hospitals of any size will also see benefit from adding technology such as ReferralNet, MasterCare+, HotHealth and Lifecard to their solution. These additions will help with the secure transfer of data and information for Australian providers, adhering to standards for discharge summaries, collecting admission data via online forms and adding additional value to the client journey.

Hospitals can use any of the below Global Health products to build their ideal solution.

Global Health provides hospitals and health services with software to connect clinicians and consumers, streamlining the patient journey.


Hospital management and patient records


MasterCare PAS is our Patient Administration System used in a variety of hospital settings, from private and public hospitals as well as rehabilitation centres, surgeries and outpatient clinics.

The system enables improved patient flow and hospital operations with comprehensive bookings management, reporting services and financial claiming in a single system. The system interfaces with Medicare and health funds for insurance eligibility checks and claiming; it has the ability to integrate with financial systems and other third party systems (available upon request).

MasterCare+ Brand Logo


MasterCare+ has several SaaS product variations suitable for hospital services. MasterCare+ can cater for a comprehensive referral management process, that covers inbound referrals and triage. The product can also be enabled for discharge summaries, with MyHealthRecord integration enabled. Visit our MasterCare website to find out more about the different packages that might be suitable for your hospital.

ReferralNet brand logo

Data transfer and information exchange


ReferralNet secure messaging is our technology for mental health service providers to securely send and receive documents like eReferrals, letters, results and more. Compliant with Australian standards, secure messaging is not only secure, but improves business productivity and patient outcomes by reducing the need for the re-keying of data, therefore minimising transcription errors.

e-switch brand logo


Our e-switch is a middleware software to exchange data externally, internally and between different software systems.

Use e-switch to connect ReferralNet Secure Messaging to your PAS or other incompatible software and for patient data sharing for better patient outcomes.

HotHealth brand logo

Client engagement and experience


HotHealth is our go-forward digital engagement platform designed for health services. The SaaS platform helps relieve multiple pain points surrounding engagement. Specifically, the tool gives your patients a place to book appointments online, join scheduled video consultations and complete patient forms online; including pre-admission forms.

Patient Portal

Patient Portal is an online portal to easily capture patient data digitally via an online form prior to admission. It eliminates the need for staff to re-key critical information from patients, and all data is stored in your database.

Lifecard brand logo


Lifecard is a personal health record (PHR) for health consumers to securely store and access their health information anywhere, anytime, on any device. For hospitals, it is particularly valuable to have patients track key medical records, observations and measurements after discharge.

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