Specialist Health

Global Health provides integrated software solutions for specialists

Our products allow healthcare providers working in specialist fields to effectively manage their practice and patients.

We have all-encompassing solutions for patient and practice management, including tools for setting appointments, patient assessments, prescribing, management plans and reporting.

Specialist care providers will see benefit from using technology such as PrimaryClinic, MasterCare+ ReferralNet, HotHealth or Lifecard in their practice and care.

View our products suitable for specialist services below with some more information about their capabilities.


Practice management and client records


PrimaryClinic Practice and PrimaryClinic Medical supports health specialists like psychiatrists, dermatologists and cardiologists in storing patient records and prescribing appropriate medication. The software is popular among many Australian specialists.

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MasterCare+ has plans suitable for specialist care providers. MasterCare+ for Clinicals can be used by providers who need to keep client notes, prescribe, diagnose patients and securely receive referrals and send letters. MasterCare+ provides online access to key practice management, client record, patient engagement and secure message delivery features, and has the ability to add on additional capabilities such as outcome measures, episodes and occasions of service.

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Data transfer and information exchange


ReferralNet secure messaging is our technology for specialists to securely send and receive documents like eReferrals, letters, results and more. Compliant with Australian standards, secure messaging is not only secure but improves business productivity and patient outcomes by reducing the need for the re-keying of data, therefore minimising transcription errors.

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Client engagement and experience


HotHealth is our digital engagement platform designed for health services. Giving specialists a digital doorway for patients to access their services, the platform helps relieve multiple pain points surrounding engagement. Specifically, the tool gives your patients a place to book appointments online, join scheduled video consultations and complete patient forms online.

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Global Health’s consumer application. Lifecard is a personal health record (PHR) for health consumers to securely store and access their health information anywhere, anytime, on any device. Key medical records, observations and measurements can be monitored and tracked to encourage positive behaviour change; empowering individuals to proactively maintain their wellness and manage health outcomes. It is particularly valuable for consumers with lifelong conditions and Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs).

Our software and technology supports organisations and services across Australia

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